Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday's Child Needs To Be Bitch-Slapped

This past weekend was fab! I must confess though that I am starting to feel slightly run down, I counted back and there hasn't been a weekend free of social obligations in a VERY long time. To be clear, I am incredibly grateful for my friends and extra-curricular activities but after a while I start to get a little twitchy and desperately need to decompress.

Friday night, I attended a friend's Christmas party and it was lovely to hang out and catch up with a couple of friends :). Following that, I came home in a flurry of jean pants, gifted cookies and stress-y running late feelings to meet my for an evening of relaxing/food/some 'heh'/further decompressing. Heh, did you see how I just slipped that in there? 

lascivious wink

Saturday morning I went to the gym for a workout and waited for FD to return home from an overnight jaunt. He was looking pretty haggard lol but he had an amazing time with his brother rocking out and (my guess?) getting super baked. Saturday evening I got to wear my new pink and white latex outfit that Fetish Dynasty made for me and I practically fainted from the sheer LOVE I have for this ensemble! He did such a great job! So yeah, got ready <insert some rather awesome gas-mask play here > and went to a local fetish/play party thing where we had to b.y.o.cookies which just cracked me up because seeing people dressed up in all of their finery, some totally nude with stripes of blood welling from the kiss of a single tail hovering over a table of sweet and savouries just seemed crazy somehow HAHA! It all adds up to a life less ordinary, I guess lol.

The party was fun as we met some new people and got to catch up with some new-ish friends who we love! My fingers were actually tingling to get my hands on someone (well, two girls actually) in particular but I am still not entirely sure that it would be appropriate because of their situations and well...mine ;) Who knows. I am not in any kind of hurry.

Okay, I have to jet!

Be Amazing In This Moment!

Much Love,
Prima xxx

Monday, December 13, 2010


So, I have started a blog as it seems to be the thing to do these days and I honestly just wanted a place to discuss my actual experiences, fantasies, wants, needs and desires. 

I look forward to sharing some of my perversions and I will warn you now that I may not always behave appropriately, my blurbs may sometimes be incredibly boring and my spelling, grammar and punctuation will rarely (if ever) be perfect. This is going to be a place for me to be 100% honest about what is going on for me. The Good, the Bad and the Emo. Rest assured however, that anyone I mention will have their identity protected and that I would never betray a confidence. If you are reading this and don't mind me using your real name or fetlife username please don't hesitate to speak up and I will plaster you all over this place ;)

Be well & Behave :P