Monday, November 14, 2011

GasMasks, Breath Play and Forced Orgasms

We had a very productive weekend! Look for a couple new pics on Fetish Dynasty's Fetlife account. They will also be up on the website soonish :) 



Sunday, November 13, 2011

Twisty Vanilla with Yum Yum Sprinkles

What do you do on Saturday mornings?

Yesterday I took off all my clothes, sprinkled myself with latex confetti and lounged about with my junk out...mmmm yes, of course it was tasteful ;)

XXX Prima

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sometimes I Wish I Was A Sex Robot

I can be a jealous cunt. Sorting through a pile of weirdness and only coming up with more weirdness. My current fantastical journey involves me figuring out my needs and desires and how that gels with my ever human set of emotions. 

What do I think of this? I think it is LAME. Sometimes I wish I was a Sex Robot and that I wasn't capable of giving a shit about other people.

More on this as clarity sets yeah, maybe never lol.

Have an awesome day! xoxoxoox

Monday, August 29, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

EEEEEEE!!! Mr. Dynasty and I are just preparing to leave for our trip to Europe tomorrow and I must say it has been a long time coming. 

First, we fly to England then to Greece where we stay on a beautiful island for 5 days and I will cry a lot and and sun *wink* my bff is getting married. Then we fly to Rome for 3 days, followed by the train to Venice etc etc eventually we will be making our way to PurpleWonder and Nafoui's house! They are so kind to let us stay and while we are there we will be checking out a local event. FUN! We also get to  meet PetesFetish and RubberKitty and while we are in Paris I believe we have a coffee date with DirtyDollBaby!

Anyway, much Rubbery and FenceNetty (YES, that IS a WORD. PFfft) love to you all. Wishing you an amazing September :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fact or Fantasy? You tell me.

Leading (what could be considered by some) a double life can be very complex. The taboo nature of some of our sextracurricular activities can be extremely exciting and can evoke feelings of arousal, passion and a heat that scalds. Sometimes however, I can get overwhelmed with the secrets that we keep...the naughtiness, the planning and expectations of it all too. 

Not sure where I was going with all of that because I came here to simply share a moderately dirty story with you but well, here I am blathering on about my feelings surrounding our relationship and it's complexities ;) The benefits of the lifestyle are obvious (or perhaps not?) and the drawbacks, although few, can be confusing at times and occasionally I find it challenging to stay in the moment while carrying out my daily life in the vanilla world. 

Last week I was on a break and texting with a gf, our conversation turned to subjects of a more carnal nature and it wasn't long before I was locking myself in the bathroom slightly breathless and furiously masturbating before I had to return to work. WTF?!?! Do any other women do this? Am I normal? For me, orgasms are like chocolate (or crack) because once I have a little, I always want more. It takes ALL of my strength to stop after just one, so much in fact that sometimes I wonder why I even get started in the first place lol.

Meh, that's enough of that.

Fact or Fantasy. You tell me.

I run my hands over her bruised and swollen ass, marvelling at the raised formations and texture of her thoroughly beaten posterior. For a moment, I consider simply wrapping her up and stealing away to some quiet place where I can kiss her sore parts softly, tell her that she is a good girl and murmur with sweet tenderness that she is a beautiful princess but tonight I am swept away by the darkness of the space I am in. The smoke, the distant muted moans of pleasure and pain, the scent of her wetness reaching my nostrils like a whisper, calling me ever closer all combine to brew the most intoxicating aroma that assaults my senses, almost raping my mind and spirit.

I see my hands reach out and bury themselves in her hair, finding her scalp and pulling hard at the roots. Her head falls back and she looks at me, imploring me to save save her from herself, make the world go away for a moment so that she can lose herself in the sensation of being the focus of my desire.  In this moment I have no plan, my need envelopes me with fury and I am living this moment only to bring both exquisite pleasure and excruciating pain.

</time passes and dirtiness ensues>

When it is over and she turns to me for comfort I breathe and coo sweetness into her as I hold her and my heart is swelling with the gratitude of having shared something so intimate, so beautiful and so freeing. As I hold her and the room starts to come back I am acutely aware of our fragility as humans and our innate desire to love and to be loved. The strength of emotion in such an experience is so powerfully poignant that the potency leaves me in shambles for days but alas I wouldn't trade it for all the money in the world :)

Rubbery Hugs to All :P

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Flit across the pond to eat sushi and pretty girls

Another weekend for the books, my friends!

My ass bears the striations of a decent beating ( I say 'decent' merely to enrage my tormentors but it was rather epic actually), my mind is being regularly assaulted with sensual, hyper-erotic memories and my craving for more only gets deeper like a progressive deep I can feel it cutting me, killing me and breaking me down. Delicious.

Sometimes I am blown away by my own capacity for deviant behaviour and other times I just accept it with a smirk and carry on ;) We had such a good time with everyone this past weekend and are so grateful to have been invited into such a private space. 

All I know right now is that I want. I want. I WANT. The object of my desire knows that I am stalking it. It leans into me letting me catch a scent, teasing me, engaging me in a ritual that probably hasn't changed much over thousands of years...welll, except that I bet a thousand years ago no one was wearing latex masks while hunting lol ;)

Happy Perving Everyone! Hopefully I will be able to post a couple of pics from this weekend but we shall see :P


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Gallery Up On Fetish Dynasty :)

The latest photo set is now up on Enjoy!

XXX Prima

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saturday's Child Works Hard at Being a Total Perv

OKaaaaayyyyy peeps! I am still processing lastnight really but I have to say that it was a totally amazing experience and we had a mind blowing time. 

I have actually been rendered speechless lol. Rare, I know :P Seriously though, I am sitting here trying to come up with the words and I have none that can conjure up what a trusting, respectful and purely carnal night of deviant behaviour has done to my brain.


Our friends are two truly phenomenal people and I am so grateful to have met them. Ummm, and not just because of the raunchy good time we had lol. For you pervs who want the deets I may or may not eventually disclose a few delectable tidbits so you will have to use your imagination ;)

Stay tuned for shoot pics! Public consumption Pics up on Fetlife :) Private ones will go in my spankbank ;)


Saturday, July 16, 2011

I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller...

Wait...No I don't ;)

Ok, seriously? I completely suck at keeping this up to date and I do not suck at it in a good way :/ My sincere apologies to anyone who actually is attempting to pay attention to what I blather on about here.

Things have been good. Kind of crazy and major changes are afoot! I never seem to have enough time to do everything I want and to see everyone I want to see even with greatly reducing my fetlife activity in an attempt to create a little more time. There are a couple of new interviews up on the Fetish Dynasty podcast: Yours Truly and the lovely fellow from the House of Gord both spent some time with the mic...not going to lie, I totally deep throated the mic stand. I couldn't help myself ;) 

Find Podcasts 5 & 6 Here

There is also one new Video up on both Fetlife and our Website. Check it out. Latex, Bondage and Sensory Dep lovers? You will lovvve it!

I don't have much time right now but thought I would check in and let you know that all is well and Fetish Dynasty and I are about to engage in Part 2 of what I think is going to be a weekend full of very pervy activities with some truly lovely people we met! Lastnight, we met them for a drink and it was a lot of fun and none of the usual slight awkwardness one can sometimes experience when hanging out with new people for the first few times. There will be a shoot tonight with the female counterpart this evening so you will likely be able to find those pics on either Fetlife or our website in the next couple of days. Don't miss those, she is incredibly hot and I think she will be wearing a catsuit as I make her my bitch...with her Master's permission, of course :D 

Upcoming Possible Shoots:

HitnGiggles Candy Shoot- Between the two of us we have about 120$ worth of candy. It'll happen. I am pumped. Been planning it for ages just can't get my shite together.
CootaCunte Shoot- Local Model. Very Beautiful Camilla Dobby (sp?)
BekahFreckle Shoot- This one should be great too. Good Chemistry here.

Anyway, I look forward to hearing what you think about the upcoming photo sets, podcasts and possible vids and in the meantime wish you well!

Mucho Love xxx

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Heading to Noir tonight! Will post pics and details when we get back :) XXXPrima

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Crying and Orgasms

We had an exxxcelllent weekend...more later, if you beg for it;)

ps. LOL! I just realized that every single pic I have posted has been of my right eye peering out or up at you...I *do* have a left eye and I promise to eventually show you :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

This is The Sound of A Latex Cherry Popping

Last weekend we had a friend over for a visit, it had been a long time coming and I think it is safe to say that we all had a lovely time.

She is really quite beautiful, friendly, extroverted (I suspect only in certain situations though) and easy to interact with. Anyway, onto what happened last weekend...

The pretty girl shows up on our doorstep with a tentative smile and a hug. I can tell that despite her brave laugh and friendly greeting she is maybe just a little afraid that our 'normal' appearance and friendly demeanour is actually just a clever facade for well-rooted madness and sadistic carnal cravings. We all sit around and chat for a bit and eventually take her down the Dungeon to show her where we will be spending some of our time that evening. She seems excited yet nervous and I like that.

We show her some of our possessions and explain how the vac bed works, I volunteer to get in so that she can see how it actually happens. First, her and I grab a handful of latex and suit up from head to toe. Lol helping someone put on latex who has never had it on before is really quite a treat and sort of hilarious...let's just say that there was lots of lube and giggling going on.

All dressed, I slide into the Vac bed and get ready for my ride. As the latex presses down on my hot skin, my heart starts to pound as I await that incredible sensation of taking off in flight. All is quiet in my world and I can just barely hear them talking in low voices and chuckling softly to themselves. I am not sure how many times I came in there that night but I know that FD was operating the Hitachi for at least one and our new friend for one or two...I was surprised by this because I am pretty sure that was a first for her. Surprised and pleased ;)

After my time was up I slid out, grinning and giggling. I could tell that she was a little scared to test it out for herself but she is one brave little kitten and using a very gradual approach she was soon in and flying. Before she went in we discussed whether she would like have a similar experience to mine and that once she was in there and locked down I would check in with her.

FUCK! Women's bodies look so sexy in tight latex and I swear to god I almost went against my own rules and molested her without asking while she was in there. It really is quite a sight to behold. She really was amazing in there, it seemed like she was actually really enjoying herself which again Pleased and Surprised me :) After a little while of sensual touching and some feedback, I finally brought out my Little Friend, hitachi. Dear Sweet Christ, if watching a woman cum is not one of the top 2 hottest things in the world then I don't know what is and don't bother telling me because I will not believe you lol.

*POP SNAP CRACK* <<that is the sound of a Latex Cherry being Popped and I do believe she liked it ;)

Phew...we let her out, talked some and then took some regular fashion type latex pics with a twist. All in all, a GREAT night! The whole evening goes into the spank bank for sure :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bizarre Question

Has anyone else ever noticed that jizz (sperm, spunk, man juice, love juice, rocket fuel etc etc) smells like fresh cut grass or sort of like the rind on brie cheese? Or is this just a indicator of my misspent youth? Lol you may think I am fooling around here but this is very serious business heh.

Just here for a second, more on our weekend later ;)

This is one of Desire Doll's AWESOME creations that I thought I would share with you all. The original inspiration came from a Disney Princess cartoon and DD, the clever little vixen used some of us Latex Ladies! Thanks to DD for including me in the madness <3

Part of DD's Caption From Fetlife: "Mistress (Rubber Lenna), Rubber Sistah (Dollie_Stitches), my sexy play doll (Rubber Necro) then outside of the States: my fairy god Mentor (Masked Madeline), the one who has been there since the beginning (Purple Wonder) and I could picture no one other than Prima Fetishista to give me a noogy. :) "

Friday, March 18, 2011

Where Does the Time Go?

So here I sit several months after my last post and like all journals and diaries that have gone before it, it was abandoned in my quest to live a full life... the pages left blank and yearning for the frenzied blast of this  ever blinking cursor :/

Now having said that, one would think I would have something epic to write about, some truly torrid tale to tell or perhaps even just a little anecdote or two lol. Yeah, I've got nothin' ;) Seriously though, what in the fuck have I been up to? 

<picture me tapping my chin & adjusting my latex undies as I sift through my memories of the beginning of 2011> 

AH YES! We bought a house! It is a lovely home with an adequate amount of space that affords us the great luxury of having a fully kitted out dungeon complete with a locking door for curious types and prying  eyes. In our new dungeon sits our new Kink Engineering vac bed and I must confess that it FAR surpasses our expectations as our previous experiences with vac beds were limited to ones that are made to seem like veritable toys next to this bad boy! So, many thanks to Matt (Mad Scientist) and Archean for their superior product :)

This month our site was incredibly fortunate to be featured in Skin Two in the 'News & Culture' section. WHOA! What an honour and a huge thank you to Webslave & a certain Doll for affording us that opportunity. We are pleased as punch about it and I refuse to let it go to my head. Today's News and Culture is usually tomorrow's has-been, afterall :D

In January we were pleased to host a Sensory Deprivation Workshop in our home for and on behalf of the Restricted group. Restricted is a small group where we live. Here is the Fetlife fgroup description for inquiring minds: 

''Invite-only, under 30-ish group.
You dont have to be under 30, its just that this group is primarily for the youngest of us. Some completely awesome older people who happen to be popular amongst the under-30s will be encouraged to hang around and provide leadership, mentorship and drive people around.
We're here to help bridge that gap between the vanilla world and the big kinky world.''

The Workshop, I believe, was a hit. There was great content and rules of engagement regarding strict safety precautions all topped of with a wicked Vac bed & Hitachi (I like to call it the Hibatchi) demo and a pretty cool Demo of underwater bondage with a scuba tank featuring HitsnGiggles and Fetish Dynasty. You can find the vid for that on Fetlife but you have to be a paying member to see vids, not a bad trade though...5 bucks a month for unlimited perving and you get to support a community that is pretty freaking cool for the most part.

Anyway...oh yes...vac beddddddd :D So far I have been in it more times than I can count BUT the first time I went in and was administered a sound Hibatchi-ing I ejaculated for the first time (I think) IN MY LIFE!!! WHOOP! It was rad. I could feel it shoot down my legs because of the pressure and the suction of the bed. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. So of course since then I have been desperately trying to do it again lol. I will keep you posted on what happens!

I am getting pretty excited to go see Purplewonder, Nafoui, Rubberkittie and Petesfetish in September but it is so far away that I try not to think about it :/ I tend to be a liiiitttle impatient at times. Things have been pretty quiet over the last bit as far as our  Social Kink & Sextracurricular goes but I hope that things quiet down a bit soon so that we can get to an event or two and see some *ahem* friends ;) 

So, yes...what is new with you?

Latex Love,

Ps. There is talk of meeting up with PW, Naf, RubberElle & Itsneverenuf in Vegas too! YA!

My new hood and outfit that FD made for me <3