Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bizarre Question

Has anyone else ever noticed that jizz (sperm, spunk, man juice, love juice, rocket fuel etc etc) smells like fresh cut grass or sort of like the rind on brie cheese? Or is this just a indicator of my misspent youth? Lol you may think I am fooling around here but this is very serious business heh.

Just here for a second, more on our weekend later ;)

This is one of Desire Doll's AWESOME creations that I thought I would share with you all. The original inspiration came from a Disney Princess cartoon and DD, the clever little vixen used some of us Latex Ladies! Thanks to DD for including me in the madness <3

Part of DD's Caption From Fetlife: "Mistress (Rubber Lenna), Rubber Sistah (Dollie_Stitches), my sexy play doll (Rubber Necro) then outside of the States: my fairy god Mentor (Masked Madeline), the one who has been there since the beginning (Purple Wonder) and I could picture no one other than Prima Fetishista to give me a noogy. :) "

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