Saturday, March 26, 2011

This is The Sound of A Latex Cherry Popping

Last weekend we had a friend over for a visit, it had been a long time coming and I think it is safe to say that we all had a lovely time.

She is really quite beautiful, friendly, extroverted (I suspect only in certain situations though) and easy to interact with. Anyway, onto what happened last weekend...

The pretty girl shows up on our doorstep with a tentative smile and a hug. I can tell that despite her brave laugh and friendly greeting she is maybe just a little afraid that our 'normal' appearance and friendly demeanour is actually just a clever facade for well-rooted madness and sadistic carnal cravings. We all sit around and chat for a bit and eventually take her down the Dungeon to show her where we will be spending some of our time that evening. She seems excited yet nervous and I like that.

We show her some of our possessions and explain how the vac bed works, I volunteer to get in so that she can see how it actually happens. First, her and I grab a handful of latex and suit up from head to toe. Lol helping someone put on latex who has never had it on before is really quite a treat and sort of hilarious...let's just say that there was lots of lube and giggling going on.

All dressed, I slide into the Vac bed and get ready for my ride. As the latex presses down on my hot skin, my heart starts to pound as I await that incredible sensation of taking off in flight. All is quiet in my world and I can just barely hear them talking in low voices and chuckling softly to themselves. I am not sure how many times I came in there that night but I know that FD was operating the Hitachi for at least one and our new friend for one or two...I was surprised by this because I am pretty sure that was a first for her. Surprised and pleased ;)

After my time was up I slid out, grinning and giggling. I could tell that she was a little scared to test it out for herself but she is one brave little kitten and using a very gradual approach she was soon in and flying. Before she went in we discussed whether she would like have a similar experience to mine and that once she was in there and locked down I would check in with her.

FUCK! Women's bodies look so sexy in tight latex and I swear to god I almost went against my own rules and molested her without asking while she was in there. It really is quite a sight to behold. She really was amazing in there, it seemed like she was actually really enjoying herself which again Pleased and Surprised me :) After a little while of sensual touching and some feedback, I finally brought out my Little Friend, hitachi. Dear Sweet Christ, if watching a woman cum is not one of the top 2 hottest things in the world then I don't know what is and don't bother telling me because I will not believe you lol.

*POP SNAP CRACK* <<that is the sound of a Latex Cherry being Popped and I do believe she liked it ;)

Phew...we let her out, talked some and then took some regular fashion type latex pics with a twist. All in all, a GREAT night! The whole evening goes into the spank bank for sure :)

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