Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Flit across the pond to eat sushi and pretty girls

Another weekend for the books, my friends!

My ass bears the striations of a decent beating ( I say 'decent' merely to enrage my tormentors but it was rather epic actually), my mind is being regularly assaulted with sensual, hyper-erotic memories and my craving for more only gets deeper like a progressive illness...so deep I can feel it cutting me, killing me and breaking me down. Delicious.

Sometimes I am blown away by my own capacity for deviant behaviour and other times I just accept it with a smirk and carry on ;) We had such a good time with everyone this past weekend and are so grateful to have been invited into such a private space. 

All I know right now is that I want. I want. I WANT. The object of my desire knows that I am stalking it. It leans into me letting me catch a scent, teasing me, engaging me in a ritual that probably hasn't changed much over thousands of years...welll, except that I bet a thousand years ago no one was wearing latex masks while hunting lol ;)

Happy Perving Everyone! Hopefully I will be able to post a couple of pics from this weekend but we shall see :P


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