Saturday, July 16, 2011

I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller...

Wait...No I don't ;)

Ok, seriously? I completely suck at keeping this up to date and I do not suck at it in a good way :/ My sincere apologies to anyone who actually is attempting to pay attention to what I blather on about here.

Things have been good. Kind of crazy and major changes are afoot! I never seem to have enough time to do everything I want and to see everyone I want to see even with greatly reducing my fetlife activity in an attempt to create a little more time. There are a couple of new interviews up on the Fetish Dynasty podcast: Yours Truly and the lovely fellow from the House of Gord both spent some time with the mic...not going to lie, I totally deep throated the mic stand. I couldn't help myself ;) 

Find Podcasts 5 & 6 Here

There is also one new Video up on both Fetlife and our Website. Check it out. Latex, Bondage and Sensory Dep lovers? You will lovvve it!

I don't have much time right now but thought I would check in and let you know that all is well and Fetish Dynasty and I are about to engage in Part 2 of what I think is going to be a weekend full of very pervy activities with some truly lovely people we met! Lastnight, we met them for a drink and it was a lot of fun and none of the usual slight awkwardness one can sometimes experience when hanging out with new people for the first few times. There will be a shoot tonight with the female counterpart this evening so you will likely be able to find those pics on either Fetlife or our website in the next couple of days. Don't miss those, she is incredibly hot and I think she will be wearing a catsuit as I make her my bitch...with her Master's permission, of course :D 

Upcoming Possible Shoots:

HitnGiggles Candy Shoot- Between the two of us we have about 120$ worth of candy. It'll happen. I am pumped. Been planning it for ages just can't get my shite together.
CootaCunte Shoot- Local Model. Very Beautiful Camilla Dobby (sp?)
BekahFreckle Shoot- This one should be great too. Good Chemistry here.

Anyway, I look forward to hearing what you think about the upcoming photo sets, podcasts and possible vids and in the meantime wish you well!

Mucho Love xxx

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  1. Bekahfreckle can you tell me more about the model, is she canadian and color slower shoots would be appreciated.